About Us

With Buyer’s Eyes:

With Buyer’s Eyes is a Premier Home Staging company serving the St. Paul/Minneapolis metro area.  We offer a comprehensive approach to showcasing your homes best assets with our home staging consultations, paint color recommendations and vacant home staging services.

Home Staging has become a key tool in allowing homes to stand out from the rest of the competition. Let With Buyer’s Eyes help give your home that competitive edge in today’s market

Our Mission:

Our mission at With Buyer’s Eyes is to help Homeowner’s transform their home’s potential into a reality. Our goal is to create warm inviting spaces that highlight the features of a home. We focus on marketing a home’s best assets while showing potential buyer’s a home that they can see themselves living in and love coming home to everyday.

Our President:

Kristy Kasper is a Certified Professional Home Stager.  Her interest in Real Estate was instilled in her at a very young age. Kristy’s father would bring her along to see many of the projects he was building and designing.  It just so happens that her father is a contractor who truly builds custom homes.  Kristy can still remember the amazement and awe she felt seeing something go from studs and sawdust to a beautiful luxurious kitchen.   You could say watching this process unfold was the beginning of developing With Buyer’s Eyes.  Since this time she has always had a wonderful gift to understand the reality of what a home looks like now and what it truly could look like soon.

After graduating from High School, Kristy moved to Minneapolis to explore her interest in Interior Design.  It was here that she soon started helping various friends with their interior design projects, and her skills have opened up the doors to some other fun opportunities.  In fact she has been brought in to consult on set design for local independent filmmaker Matt Meugge, who was featured in the 2012 Twin Cities Film Festival.  She has also helped local store owner Monte Schmidt as a consultant on his retail design for the store Stella Blu located on Grand Ave.

In the beginning of 2013 Kristy started to realize that her love of  design and real estate could converge and become realized as a Home Stager.  With this realization she trained and became certified with one of the premier international professional Home Staging schools.  This has given her the ability to bring her real estate partners and home owners a tremendous value of structure and a step by step plan to pre staging preparations and hands on staging expertise.

Kristy has a tremendous gift of seeing the character and potential beauty of things.  This is evident in her home staging business but it also comes out in one of her favorite hobbies, which is finding disregarded furniture at thrift stores and garage sales and re-designing them into the object her minds eye already sees.

Kristy is married to Doug, together they have 3 wonderful girls Gracie, Ellie & Ava.  As a family they love spending time at the lake, sledding in the winter, camping when possible and doing lots of arts and crafts throughout the year.