Why Realtors Recommend With Buyer’s Eyes

"I recommend Home Staging to EVERY SINGLE Client"


I recommend home staging to EVERY SINGLE CLIENT that I work with. Even if a home is in great condition and well decorated, a professional stager is able to help see every property from a critical buyer’s perspective, and can give that seller the direction needed to fully maximize the “impact” that the home has on each buyer that walks in the door. I highly recommend that every home seller take the time to get Kristy’s advice on preparing their home for sale.

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Why Do Realtors Recommend Home Staging?

The best Realtors know that Home Staging helps to sell a home faster and attracts better offers.  A Realtor that helps you list your home makes a percentage of the sale.  It makes sense that they want to help you get the best offers possible.  Most quality Realtors that specialize in listing have systems to help market your home.  Staging is an essential piece of this marketing system.

At With Buyer’s Eyes we specialize in finding a unique balance between highlighting the character of your home while creating an atmosphere that is attractive to a large variety of home buyers.

When is it too early to schedule a Home Staging Consultation?

The earlier you schedule your Staging Consultation the more time you will have to act on the recommendations we give you.  Even if you are just starting to explore selling your home a consultation can be very helpful.  We will be able to give you a step by step plan of recommendations for the inside and outside of your home.  The more time you have to start implementing this plan the better.

Can we contact you even if we don’t have a Realtor yet?

Yes, we would love to start working with you now.  We also have realtors that we can highly recommend if you need help finding someone you feel really good about.

I am listing my home next week, can you still help me?

Of Course, We understand how life happens and many of our customers are listing their home very soon.  We can stop by very soon and help you stage your home before you take the pictures for your listing.

We are looking forward to talking with you.
Please feel free to call Kristy at 612-730-3242.

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